By practicing more and more Meditation, we will receive more Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy improves our involvement in what ever we are in.
By more and more total involvement with Body-Mind-Self, we Understand IN-TOTAL about the situations.
This Understanding is nothing but KNOWLEDGE.
The common person will get only experience, but fail to perceive the
Knowledge in that situation. It is because he experiences the situation with physical understanding alone.But a Meditator will Understand the situation in TOTAL. It is so because he Knows that he is not the just Body. He knows that he stays in the Body. He understands that the situations are for his evolution.
After experiencing all meditational experiences, and implementing it in our practical life, we will get ‘great understanding’.This Understanding opens up several thousands of doors, which gives new dimensions of perceptions in our life.
Our understanding, our Perception and our Knowledge expands a lot.
This leads to the expansion of our Consciousness, which is nothing but having WISDOM.
We experience this state of Wisdom as:THOUSAND PETALLED GOLDEN LOTUS.
Each and every petal is a new dimension of understanding.
By perceiving more and more dimensions, we understand more and more knowledge of other existences.
With this Understanding, we come to know that:
There is No Death and we are Eternal Beings.
We understand “what is Birth?” and “what is Death?”.
Watch Nirvana video in ‘Spiritual Reality- journey within’ video.

Meditation Guru



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